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Help promote Tikkun Olam by supporting the success of sustainability and social entrepreneurship programs globally!

Help empower the Igbo to build better and greener lives! The Obiofia Community Secondary School in Nnewi is bringing sustainability and tikkun olam into the lives of their students!

Posted by ReJews on Sunday, March 27, 2016

ReJews is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that spreads recycling initiatives by promoting sustainability and social entrepreneurship programs and events. Supporting the success of its eco-partner Chosen Organizations, more info can be found at




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The ReJews #Eco3PSChallenge helps you take aim at promoting the importance of environmental action.  Show that you recycle, and challenge a friend to recycle too! Do more than just a water bottle flip.

It's as easy as accepting the challenge, nominating a friend, and taking a video of you shooting a plastic bottle into a recycling can.  If you miss, commit to donate $3 to help spread recycling initiatives.

Spreading awareness about what every person can do to promote environmental action can support the effort to make a difference in communities everywhere.

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We all use plastic bottles.

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