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- Lower Electricity Bills
- Get a BATTERY if you want
- NYS Income Tax Credit
​- NYC Property Tax Abatement
- At-Cost Roofing Discount
- $2 Million Roof Insurance
- Weather Proof & Roof Safe
- No Installation Fees

ReJews is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that promotes and establishes recycling initiatives to promote the success of sustainability and social entrepreneurship programs at schools, synagogues, community centers, restaurants, businesses, offices, and events.

ReJews rewards the organizations and facilities that get involved in committing to recycle the plastic bottles used at their locations. By simply committing to their recycle empty plastic bottles, once involved, Chosen Organizations can become eligible to receive donations, sponsorship opportunities, guest speakers, class trips, and free online advertising space.

Google, GoDaddy, Blue Moon, YouTube, Walgreens, and a number of national organizations and agencies have verified and become supporters of ReJews. 

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Helping promote sustainability and social entrepreneurship with young families and kids 0-3!

Make a difference in your community with solar!

11 States Participate!

Create local power for the grid!

Innovate Tikkun Olam!

Roofing subsidies available too!

Young Families Can Go Green Together!

 Homeowners Get Involved & Get Rewarded!