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ReJews helps schools, synagogues, community centers, restaurants, offices and businesses establish recycling initiatives and campaigns in their buildings and neighborhoods. Every Jewish organization on the planet can recycle, and ReJews is designed to help achieve that goal.

As a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit recycling organization, ReJews invites all Jewish organizations to join and receive free official ReJews branded recycling receptacles. Reporting on the amount that they have recycled and utilized the receptacles, organizations can become eligible to receive recognition and rewards through the ReJews incentive program.

Capable of being highlighted throughout the Jewish and secular world as standout organizations that are committed to recycling, schools, synagogues, community centers, restaurants, and business offices can become eligible to receive rewards, sponsorship opportunities, general funding, and other donations for their involvement.

ReJews has been incredibly fortunate to have Google, GoDaddy, Blue Moon, YouTube, Walgreens, and a number of other national organizations and agencies have verified and become supporters.

Initially founded by Henry Goodelman as a recycling program for Aish HaTorah, the Jerusalem Post lauded this effort in their article "Old City Students Help Solve Recycling Issues". also highlighted and featured a similar press release: "Aish Students Launch Recycling Program". Originally from Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Jewish Voice covered ReJews as part of their article on Hanukkah: A Sustainable Jewish Holiday. Having gone to college in Pittsburgh, the Jewish Chronicle highlighted sustainability in their article ReJews: Environmental action aimed at helping community. As part of the annual Chanukah festivities, after connecting with the Office of Public Engagement, ReJews was fortunate to be able to be included in the national celebration in Washington D.C. and online. The White House 2015/5776 Hanukkah Reception had welcomed in many suggestions, and in its blog featured the ReJews eco-partner Jonah's Pipe Works  (2nd from the bottom)!

Currently accepting applications to the Chosen Organizations pilot program, ReJews created the Eco 3 Point Shot Challenge to help continue to spread excitement about this fantastic opportunity. Promoting responsibility and fun, the #Eco3PointShot Challenge has helped bring recycling into the minds of those that have previously disregarded or discredited the importance of properly disposing of their waste.


It started by a student in Jerusalem. Now it's global.

ReJews is the Face of Recycling in the Jewish world.

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